Spa treatments are no longer a smelly candle and a bath tub somewhere, they are stretching the envelope in terms of therapeutic reach and impact. Spa therapy designers are fast becoming like five-star chefs in the way that they are combining ingredients and platforms to deliver rejuvenating experiences. You may not be served up on a big white plate, but there are plenty of big white towels and big white tubs. Meditation pods containing aural and visual messaging can provide the ambience to induce alpha, beta and theta brainwaves. You can dial up your affirmations from a menu to suit your aberration or inclination.

Latest Spa Treatments Around the World

Sample some “binaural beat mediation” and “microcrystalline tiles” to reduce the affects of harmful electromagnetic fields in your life. Get some ‘somadome’ into your prosaic existence. Traditional therapies and massages are being transported to mind-blowing exotic locations to really rock your boat to a deep trance like state.  Forest bathing will see you suspended in a bamboo basket within the sanctuary of soothing nature. These nest rest pods hang participants near particularly beautiful foliage for relaxation purposes. This Japanese tradition is catching on at spa retreats around the world.

Improve posture with Aerial Yoga, which Gwyneth Paltrow swears by, as you go flying with a silk hammock and an asana. Gravity stretches the yoga student to release pent up tensions from their bodies. Take a load off Fanny. Perhaps, a Shaman session is more your cup of tea, ayahuasca tea might take you places your body cannot go. Healing can happen through these traditional indigenous indian practices. Make sure that you know what you are in for, before completely letting go, however. South America beckons in this innovative spa treatment; the jaguar and the eagle.

Sleep through dental treatments in the lap of luxury at aesthetic tourism medical centres around the globe. Wake up with some shiny new teeth or a new nose or breasts, perhaps. More tourists are combining holidays with cosmetic surgery to save money and double the benefits of their holidays. Some spas offer a large range of treatments for all types of conditions. It is the combination of therapies and treatments, which make this brave new world so interesting. Travellers are offered opportunities for some truly remarkable experiences. The only limit is your budget really. The latest spa treatments around the world are beckoning.